Making 2 Flower Handicrafts From Unique Paper

Making 2 Flower Handicrafts From Unique Paper

Making 2 Flower Handicrafts From Unique Paper - This tutorial article I made for women who like to craft flowers, handicrafts in the form of flowers always look beautiful when displayed and placed as decorations can even beautify the room or house, can also be used as a unique display dinging and cute wall displays. in the following article, I will be various 2 tutorials namely the first to make a simple flower from paper, and the second to make a rose decorative flower from corn paper. ok here are the ways.

Colorful decorations like this are always attractive to women are they not? especially if the color matches our favorite color, want to have it. Take it easy this time I will reveal how to make flowers from this beautiful paper. Just go ahead without further ado. 

prepare the following materials and tools in advance:

  1. Letter-size color paper
  2. Printer
  3. Yarn
  4. Scissors/cutter
  5. Clear plaster

Before starting the steps of making flowers from this paper, please first download the template in the following pdf form: large size flowers, medium-size flowers, small size flowers. To create one flower with a round shape like this it takes 12 pieces of flower pattern, so to create a flower with a large size you have to print the template as many as 12 sheets. For medium and small sizes please customize yourself.

Once all the materials and tools are ready, it's time we follow the steps of making flowers from the following paper:

  1. Prepare the printer, then print the downloaded template on a sheet of letter-sized color paper. If there is no colored letter paper, you can make it yourself by cutting any colorful paper into letter sizes that are 8.5" x 11" or 21.6cm x 27.9cm.
  2. Once printed, cut the paper according to the existing pattern using scissors.
  3. If you want to hang this flower later, prepare the thread and cut it to taste. Create a small hole in the middle of the flower pattern then insert the thread and plaster as shown in the image above.
  4. After complete the pieces of flower pattern number 12, then arrange the pieces by combining one piece with another through the cracks on the five sides of the piece that has been made so that a beautiful flower arrangement is formed.

Be a beautiful paper flower arrangement. Hopefully, tips on how to make flowers from this paper can inspire you all. Good luck and thank you.

Make a simple rose from corn paper

This time I tried to make flowers from crepe paper, it loh paper that is usually often used to decorate children's birthday parties, the material is easy to obtain and the color is varied and also easy to form and the price is also quite oblique hehehehe... And other materials are paper glue, paper tape (usually for wrapping rods), tools to form petals (here I use a pen to massage acne but may also use pen tools knitting wool thread or anything that looks like the picture below), wire for stems, and green cardboard paper for petals. Here's a picture of the material and how to make it.

Tools and materials used

  1. Create a pattern like an image above, shaped like a heartleaf (left) and a regular leaf (on the right). Heart leaf-shaped petals are used for the outside and ordinary leaf petals for the inside of the flower.
  2. Cut each shape together layered to make the shape more uniform
  3. Pull with both hands carefully and gently so as not to tear the middle part.
  4. Each upper end of the petal is formed curly using a pen tool.
  5. The result is like this
  6. Glue the paper at the bottom end of the petals
  7. Prepare the wire rod (I use fur wire), attach the petals that have been glued, press-press just a few petals to cling to the stem tightly
  8. Do it on all the inner petals first until they run out and then continue the outer petals, arranging them in such a way that the shape resembles the original rose
  9. Wrap the base of the stem down with a tape of crepe paper
  10. Create a flower crown from leaf green paper, first make a round paper like above then fold it up to three parts
  11. Scissors like the shape above and make a hole in the middle
  12. Glue the crown of the flower attached to the petal and place it just below the petal

Trilla... Trill... It's finished... similar to the original roses right?...

Moreover, made a lot and put in a vase of flowers and so a beautiful display ...

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