How to Use Instagram to Know

Have you tried Instagram? This up-and-coming photo-sharing app is increasingly being downloaded by smartphone and tablet users.

How to Use Instagram to Know

Especially after the launch of the Android version of Instagram and facebook's decision to buy Instagram some time ago. Some new users began to appear, especially from those who use the Google-made operating system.

It's not too hard to understand Instagram. The simple interface and highly accessible features will instantly feel familiar after trying it out several times.

However, to further maximize all the features, you new users on Instagram may need to know the five tips quoted from CNET below.

1. Double-tap for 'Like'

Just by touching your device's screen twice in quick succession, you can easily like a photo. A heart image will appear indicating the 'Like' function has worked. If you want to do 'Unlike', do the same steps again.

2. Mention other users

Like Twitter? Yes. Instagram also has a function of 'Mention' by typing @ and then continued with the intended name. There are two ways to mention, namely by typing the name of the person intended in the image caption, or through the comment feature.

3. Hashtags

Again something we often encounter on Twitter. By adding a Hashtag (#), photos you upload to Instagram will be clickable when published. Other users who click on the photo will be taken to a page where photos using the same Hashtag will be organized in one place.

4. Edit photos before uploading

Want to know how some Instagram users upload high quality photos? Of course, they don't use the edit app on Instagram. To be able to produce good photos you need to use other more advanced applications, such as Adobe Photoshop. Trouble? That's for sure. But try to imagine how many followers you might reach if you always present quality photos.

5. Delete comments and Captions

This is a must-know if you often share photos to the public. Although you can't modify the caption, you can delete it by selecting the photo you want, going to the Comment feature, and then doing a swipe with your finger from right to left. A Delete key will appear instantly. This step also serves to delete the Comment.

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