How to Make Wristbands From Ropes and Beads

How to Make Wristbands From Ropes and Beads

Accessories: How to Make Bracelets From Bracelets and Beads - For those of you who like to use accessories such as bracelets and often buy them, what if this time you make your own. Wristbands that you can make this time there are two shapes with different making materials, namely from the strap and from the beads. for the ones from the rope can be used by the guys, while the beads can be worn by girls. for more on how to make this craft here's the full article.


How to Make a Wristband from a Strap

This tutorial will show you how to create a strap knot bracelet with a side opening buckle. If it is made in a larger size, you can make it also to use as your pet's necklace.

Materials and Equipment required :

  • Round rope with equivalent size of 1/8" cable diameter
  • Side aperture buckle
  • Meter or ruler
  • Scissors
  • Matches

OK, let's get started :

1. Measuring the wrist

Wrap the strap around the wrist, hold the meeting point of the strap and measure its length with a meter, that's the size of your wrist that will be the benchmark size of the bracelet.

2. Insert the center of the strap into the Buckle

Hold the end of the strap together, take the middle part of the strap and insert it through one end of the buckle. Now pull the end of the strap through the loop until it is tense and attached to the buckle.

3. Determine the length of the bracelet.

Separate the buckle and pull the other end of the strap through the detachable buckle, sliding the buckle closer to the buckle that has been fastened earlier. We will measure the distance between the two ends of the buckle to determine the size of the bracelet according to the wrist. Add about 2.5Cm of the wrist size, this will make the bracelet comfortable to wear. Measurements are taken from the end of the girl's buckle to the flat end of the guy's buckle.

4. Step create the vertices.

Take the rope on the left side and place it under the two middle ropes (between the two buckles) and place it on the right rope.

Take the rope on the right side, take it through the top two middle ropes, and through the cable on the left side. Then fasten the knot to the buckle.

Next, take the rope on the right side through the bottom of the middle rope. The rope on the left side down the right side strap passes over the top of the middle rope and then through the arch of the rope on the right side. Tighten the strap and now the first node is done.

5. Continue creating the vertices.

Continue creating the vertices until you have filled the full distance between the buckles. Knots should be uniform from one end to the other. Knot ties should be of the same tension to keep everything the same size.

6.Scissors and burn the end of the rope.

Now use scissors to cut the remaining rope, cutting as close as possible from the last bound node. Burn the end of the rope with a matchstick, wait a while to cool the melt, and press with the side of the scissors so that the burnt melt marks expand and stick to the knot of the rope. Be careful, the burning rope can be very hot, do not hit parts of the body.

7. Done

How to Make a Bracelet from Beads -

Well this time to make a bracelet from these beads in addition to the thread, I wear pins. Curious about the pin? Check it out!

Required materials:

  1. Thread
  2. Beads
  3. Pins
  4. Scissors

How to make a beautiful bracelet:

  1. Prepare the ingredients
  2. Ronce beads in the pin until fulfilled, do again on different pins until collected a lot
  3. Cut 2 threads the size of your wrist. Then unite the pins by inserting the thread, one at the top and the other at the bottom as below screenshot shown
  4. After that tie the ends of the thread so that finally formed a beautiful unique bracelet

This bracelet is very colorful, suitable for traveling on non-formal occasions. And I'm sure few know that the beautiful bracelet you wear is made of pins. The advantage of this bracelet actually lies in the pin, we can remove the pin with a certain color bead with another color if it feels less fitting with the moment that we will attend. So this bracelet can be dismantled in pairs very easily. Interested? Good luck!

Thank you for reading the article titled How to Make a Beautiful Bracelet from Beads, hopefully useful.

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