How To Make Unique Flower Vases From Used Plastic Bottles

Handicrafts from used goods - Plastic Bottle Crafts: How to Make Unique Flower Vases From Used Plastic Bottles - Hi.... friends, want to make use of unused items in our home such as used plastic bottles, just make it into a craft that has more artistic value, than discarded free.

Used plastic bottles are often I discuss it to be turned into an interesting and unique handicraft because used plastic bottles are very easy to find, but if you do not have you can buy the first hehe, can ask neighbors if you do not have one.

This craft article will discuss how to make use of used plastic bottles into unique flower vases that you can put in the bedroom, dining room, living room, and any part of the house where it fits. How to make this craft can also be used as a basic material for elementary school children, caregivers, and interested teachers.

How to make a flower vase from a used plastic bottle

First prepare the equipment you need such as large plastic bottles, plastic glue, round beads (styrofoam balls), scissors, and flowers.

Vase of flowers from plastic bottles

How To Make Unique Flower Vases From Used Plastic Bottles

Stage 1. If the required equipment is ready, then the first step is to clean the plastic bottle until it is clean and then cut the bottle into two parts, then the bottom of the bottle will be used.

Stage 2. Once cut into two parts, the bottom part of the plastic bottle you cut lengthens as seen in the image below, doing well so that the pieces are straight and not bent.

Once you're done cutting it, bend it on the piece you just made out to make it shaped like a flower.

Stage 3. Then you start sticking the beads using plastic lek, for the color of the beads used do not have to be white, you can use beads with a variety of your favorite colors.

Stage 4. Once the beads are all glued, then the final step is to add the flowers to the plastic bottle vase you created, and finish.

Here are some pictures of the display of flower vase crafts from plastic bottles that we have made, very beautiful and interesting is not it.

Very beautiful not a vase of bottled goods. However, if you are a guy and do not want to make a vase of flowers that can make a place of candy from plastic bottles, read: Simple - Making Handicrafts Candy Place From Used Plastic Bottles.  You want to make handicraft bracelets, you can read our other articles: How to Make Handicraft Accessories Bracelets From Rubber Hair, Will not regret dah if you make it. Thank you for visiting.

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