How to Make Unique Candle Holder Decoration Handicrafts

How to Make Unique Candle Holder Decoration Handicrafts

Candle Decoration: How to Make Handicrafts Unique Candle Holder Decoration- Hello friends, this time I want to share a tutorial NIH, how to make a candle place themed autumn. Well, what does it look like? Curious? Immediately we start to make a suitable candle holder to be placed at the dinner table in the evening or used as a gift for the lover or beloved girlfriend.

This handcrafted article I took from the blog next door with the name adrenergic blog, hopefully, help ea, please listen to the explanation.

The ingredients needed to make it:

  1. Dried maple leaves (maybe other types of leaves)
  2. Transparent glass bottles/jars
  3. Glue
  4. Candles
  5. Matches
  6. Scissors
  7. Newspapers

How to make a unique candle holder handicraft:

  1. Put maple leaves on newspaper, then fold once to just cover the leaves and let stand in a closed room (not in the oven / dried in the sun) for about 1 week (the process of making dried leaves)
  2. Clean brand paper etc. attached to the glass jar
  3. Cut off the remaining part of the stem at the bottom of the leaf
  4. Apply glue to the leaves of the back 
  5. Attach it to the inner glass jar
  6. Wait a while to dry
  7. If it is dry, insert the candle and light it with a lighter

See how the handmade creations of dried leaves that you have made illuminate the darkness of your homeroom. Ah... eBay hehehehe. This unique candle holder will feature a truly romantic maple leaf motif and you will definitely feel like you are feeling the fall (even though there is no autumn in Indonesia). Hopefully, this tutorial is useful for couples who want to date, make other events can also. Good luck making a candle place!

Thank you for reading the article titled Candle Decoration: How to Make Handicrafts Unique And Easy To Make Candle Holder Decoration, hopefully useful.

How? not too hard not to make it, the time to make it is not too long or even relatively short. for those of you who want to make handicrafts from flannel and still confused about how to make it, can see my article on Technique guide how to make a flannel doll properly. so many articles this time, thank you for reading them. 

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