How to Make Simple Cute Doll Handicraft

Handicrafts - Handicraft Skills - Cute Dolls: How to Make Simple Cute Doll Handicrafts - If you want to make handicrafts from paper you can see the previous article entitled crafting from the paper: how to make flower handicrafts from paper. This time I will share a tutorial on how to make a cute doll craft, do not worry this craft is very easy to make and certainly simple. but this handicraft is not made of used goods / used materials or cardboard materials that are widely used to make handicrafts simple, you have to make it from fabric. type of fabric is up to you, can use flannel, satin fabric, used fabric/leftover, or fabric with certain motifs, such as batik and flowers.

Materials and equipment you need:

  1. Scissors
  2. Fabric
  3. pin if necessary
  4. sewing machine
  5. stuffing/dacron
  6. Thread
  7. and patterns

Cute Doll Images to be created

How to Make Simple Cute Doll Handicraft

  • Create a doll pattern first, you can create a pattern using a computer and print it so that the pattern is neatly formed, or you can create it manually as in the picture.
  • Scissors fabric according to the pattern as many as 2 pieces for the front and back, tries the colors of the two fabrics to make it more attractive.
  • Make the eye part, the eye in the sewing on the front fabric. you can see it in the example.
  • make the mouth with the addition of taper teeth down one, by sewing a narrow zigzag.
  • Attach the cornea of the eye and sew manually in a positive shape (+).
  • Give your doll a heart-shaped accessory that makes it even funnier.
  • Flip the front fabric and sew with the backside of the first one made earlier.
  • The shape of the seams can be seen in the picture, then the fabric on the edges is neatly groomed with scissors.
  • Turn the cloth inside put it outside. and the cloth is ready to be stuffed.
  • fabric is filled with dacron to expand.

and your cute doll is finished..... For the size can be adjusted to your taste, medium size you can use for keychains, large size you can use as a sleeping pillow.

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