How to Make Origami "Japan Doll" That Is Cute and Easy to Make

How to Make Origami "Japan Doll" That Is Cute and Easy to Make

Japanese Handicrafts: How to Make Origami (Japanese Doll) that is Cute and Easy to make - this time I will share a tutorial on making Japanese origami dolls or usually called paper dolls, here are 2 examples of cute and games in Japanese dolls that you certainly like, can be made into one of your collection of handicrafts, just for those of you who want to make it just practice ea and do not forget to pray before starting to succeed 100%. 

Take a look at the Japanese origami doll that is very sweet not ??. Want to create your own? want to give a gift to your friend.

Yuuki follows step by step how to make a Japanese origami doll. You will have this collection of kimono dolls in your diary, or to decorate gifts. Have fun!

There are a few things before we begin:

I use "washi" (Japanese paper made of fiber).

I used a paper pattern obtained at an online gift shop.

But if you want to use other materials, please.

Japanese cultural note: Please fold kimono-like layers (left side first, then right side). the first right side is funeral clothing.

1. Origami Kneeling Kimono

You need:

  • crepe paper for black hair
  • 1 piece cm x 2.5 cm and 1 piece 4 cm x 3.5 cm white cardstock for the head
  • a circle about 2.5 cm in (quarter size) white cardstock for the neck
  • rectangle 1/2 cm x 5 cm paper for collar
  • three 5 cm x 5 cm paper boxes for kimono
  • one 10 cm x 10 cm square paper for underskirt - one 5cm x 5 cm Square glue

Step One: Attach the neck and collar:

  1. Fold three squares in half, into a triangle. Put a little glue in the middle of the two triangles.
  2. Triangular layer as shown above.
  3. Flip triangular layered stack top and glue neck to the middle.
  4. Start folding the top left flap around the neck at the angle shown. Repeat with the right side.
  5. Repeat until all layers are folded. You can use a little glue to secure the collar.

Step Two: Making Kimono

  1. Fold 10 x 10 square, make a triangle. Fold the inner top left corner to fill the center of the right side of the triangle.
  2. Repeat with the upper right corner.
  3. Fold the triangle and position the neck/collar piece. kimono and adjust the collar as needed. and neck using a drop of glue.
  4. Fold-down. Fold and tuck into a "pocket" for the top layer kimono. 

Step Three: Create this underskirt:

  1. Fold 5cm x 5cm square into triangles. Fold back to the corner of the square and into the center. Fold the bottom corner until a new fold is created, and the folding angle, as shown above.
  2. Fold the bottom corner well inside and use glue.
  3. Slide the underskirt into her kimono pocket, leave about 1cm to the bottom of the kimono.

Step Four: Create a Hairstyle

  1. Place the cardboard circle on top of the 4cm square, x 3.5cm.
  2. Wrap the hair around the circle and use just a little glue.
  3. Flip hair back as shown in the image above.
  4. Glue the bangs (which are smaller than the crepe paper rectangle.
  5. Fold the bangs over the back of the head and glue.

Last step:

  • See the end result of the kimono doll, glue if something is still loose.
  • Well now you can have this gorgeous kimono doll
  • You can decorate this kimono doll with a hairstyle according to your taste, can be added ribbons or other decorations that attract the heart.
  • The kimono doll is quite simple in making, but I think this simplicity will make it more beautiful, 

2. How to Create the Japanese Paper Doll

Ok, we start again, I think people will be surprised to see Japanese kimono dolls made by yourself.

Look at the picture.

What you need

  • "Kimono" paper (I prefer Japanese Yuzen or chiyogami) about 5.5 x 12.5 cm
  • "Obi" and "neck" paper about 1.5 cm. You can use different papers for obi and collar. (materials can be changed according to your needs).
  • "Obi-jime" paper (again, I prefer Yuzen or chiyogami).
  • "Hair" and "Fringe" paper - I use Japanese crepe, but standard crepe paper.
  • White cards for head and body. The head circle is about 2cm in diameter the body is about 3mm wide, the length is not very important.
  • Double-sided tape (you can use glue).
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors

Note; Again you can make with other materials, look at stationery stores in your city because I understand for those of you who live outside the city will have a little trouble finding materials to make this doll.

  1. I prefer to make with used paper and unused fabric for the first experiment of this doll, and the results are better. Get creative and get creative with your imagination.
  2. Cut a small length to make the collar. (actually, collar under kimono). Make sure that (as you are looking for) the left runs under the right. This is the way kimonos are worn by everyone except for the deceased. Run the long bottom strip so that it hangs over the boundary. With a tutorial full of little picture writing what I hope is that you can quickly skillfully create it, If necessary just look at the image you instantly can. Ok
  3. Fold about 1cm from one end (if the pattern on paper has top and bottom).
  4. Clip the paper over and fold about 0.5cm backward. It forms a kimono collar.
  5. Tape /Solari's body and collar under kimono.
  6. Fold the left side of the kimono over the bottom collar of the kimono. Just press the top, don't fold everything just yet.
  7. Fold the rest of the sides on top to create a straight edge under the kimono.
  8. Fold the other side. To get the appropriate angle above, I found that it is easier to fold from the bottom up. Fold the straight line up to the corner point a little on the other side and then fold it over.
  9. Insert a piece of "obi paper" around the kimono so that it is just below the collar and cover the elbow folds in the kimono (where the angle of the collar changes to the straight edge of the kimono). Tape's in the back. Long hair will cover the tape later.
  10. Put a decorative piece of "obijime" over the obi. You can do some of these layers if you like.
  11. Place a little of the crepe paper on the head to make the bangs.
  12. Finished.

Attention; You will be addicted to making Japanese kimono dolls, If you are going to celebrate a birthday for your favorite child, make some Japanese dolls for your child's friend's gift, or you have a Japanese doll wedding souvenir shop that is worth trying, create with used fabric in your warehouse, make use of pieces of batik fabric is also not why the results will be more unique. So be happy to find this tutorial.

Ok, don't forget to revisit this blog to get another tutorial that will definitely be more useful for you.

Good luck and keep your skills honed. for those of you who also want to make other handicrafts from paper read also articles that I have made in this blog before that is how to make handicrafts from paper

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