How to Make Lotus and Lemongrass Handicrafts From Plastic Straws

How to Make Lotus and Lemongrass Handicrafts From Plastic Straws

it is very easy for us to make used goods useful and worth selling,

next time I will tell you how to make lemongrass flowers from straws,

First of all provide:

Tools and Materials :

  1. Colorful beverage straws (large size)
  2. Scissors
  3. Pentel Needle
  4. Candles
  5. Matches
  6. Key
  7. Used Aqua Bottles 
  8. Gift Paper
  9. Sand

Manufacturing Steps :

  • First, cut the straws into pieces on the right side of the straw, starting from top to bottom along (+-) 20 cm long, pieces should not break.
  • Then, the part that has been cut, formed circularly towards the bottom of the straw forms a flower and pricks the end with a needle that has been heated towards the stem.
  • prepare one straw as a stem, then put the tip of the flower stem into the straw.
  • For the leaves, cut a colorful straw-shaped semicircular length (+-) 5 cm, then opened and formed with a key resembling a leaf.
  • The candle is lit, then heat the petrol needle, puncture the leaves on the stem of the flower so that it is cut.
  • How to make a flower pot is to cut the used aqua into 2 parts, then take the bottom and wrap it with gift paper afterward with sand to taste.
  • The end result of stitching the flowers into a pot.
  • It's easy to make.

Please Try!

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