How To Make Large Size Paper Flowers For Decoration

How To Make Large Size Paper Flowers For Decoration

How to Make Handicrafts From Used Goods - Handicrafts From Paper: How to Make Large Size Paper Flowers For Decoration - easy craft handicraft blog this time will try to give a tutorial on how to make handicrafts in the form of paper flowers with large size. This paper flower is suitable to decorate events such as weddings, parties, and so on, but you can also make this large paper flower to decorate the walls of your house, living room, or bedroom.

Perhaps in the previous article, I have also discussed flowers from paper such as flowers from tissues read: Crafting From Paper: How to Make Flower Handicrafts From Paper and Make 2 Flower Handicrafts From Unique Paper.

Crafting the shape of flowers from paper material is very much a variety, making it very easy and simple, you just use some simple equipment such as scissors, staples, glue, and a ruler.

Paper flowers for decoration How to make large size paper flowers for decoration

This flower is quite easy to make, the materials and equipment that you need to use are Scissors, bowls, staples, glue shoot/glue paper, color paper, ruler, and pencil.

First, make a flower crown of three types of different sizes, large, medium, and small. To make it use HVS paper first which is later print on color paper. Place the bowl in the middle of the paper and create a circle using a pencil.

Then draw a line from both sides of the bottom top circle with the ruler and drag it on the right side of the paper so that the shape of the flower crown is as follows.

  • Use the flower crown mold from HVS paper above to create a flower crown on color paper. Make as many as 4 for large and medium sizes, and 3 for small sizes.
  • Second, cut out the flower crown on the lower side and you can bend it as shown to make the flower crown sit, after which on the bent part you can staples. do this to all the flower crowns you make.
  • Third, glue the curves of the flower crowns and you can start sticking the crowns one by one until they become whole flowers.
  • Four, This last step is to make the head of the pistil, how to bend the color paper into a rectangle and paper scissors on the curve of the paper are small. Then you can roll it, if the head of the pistil feels less large you can add a roll of paper that has also been cut, then glue it so that the pistil head does not come off.

Paper Handicrafts

Glue the bottom of the pistil head and unite it on the flower.

If you are interested, you can add petals.

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