How to Make Handicrafts From Paper "Making Bags And Duck Sculptures"

How to Make Handicrafts From Paper (Making Bags And Duck Sculptures) - This time Shahab craft blog will discuss handicrafts that can be made from paper, be they used in newspapers or leftovers or tissue paper. Some of the following paper crafts are easy and simple to make and you can even practice with your family especially if you have children who are young and are in kindergarten or at the elementary school level.

First Paper Craft: A beautiful bag from a used newspaper

How to Make Handicrafts From Paper "Making Bags And Duck Sculptures"

The first craft is to make handicrafts in the form of bags from newspapers that are unique and beautiful, you can make the fastest for 15 minutes and at most 25 minutes, using materials that are easy to obtain surely you can make them.

Papercraft First step: preparation of materials and equipment

The materials and equipment you need to collect are:

Step one:

  1. Paper hole tool
  2. paperboard
  3. newspaper
  4. cutter paper.
  5. Pitas to taste / can be replaced with a cloth for the handle
  6. Staples
  7. Ruler
  8. Color paper
  9. Glue paper adhesive

Step two: Prepare the used paperboard and newspaper, the paperboard is given adhesive glue on the top evenly, then glue the newspaper of the same size on top.

Step three: bend the paperboard and the paper that has been glued to the middle of the paper, then on both ends put together in staples. after that bend the paper to have a shape like a bag in general, if less clear can see it in the picture.

Step four: Bend the paper as shown below to make the base of your paper bag, then tape it using staples.

Step five: Make a hole at the top of the bag using a paper hole tool then you can tighten the ribbon or other straps for the handle of your bag.

Step six: after your bag so you can add some pretty motifs such as flowers made from pre-prepared color paper.

Second papercraft: Duck sculpture from tissue pulp

How to Make Handicrafts From Paper "Making Bags And Duck Sculptures"

The second paper handicraft is a simple artwork that is easy to make, namely how to make sculptures from tissue pulp, this craft can be made at home and for school assignments (PR) for elementary school so as to improve the creativity and skills of the students.

Step 1: Prepare the necessary equipment and materials

  1. Tissue paper
  2. water to taste
  3. glue for handicrafts
  4. wheat flour
  5. Food Coloring 2
  6. Brushes
  7. basin
  8. Small bowl for the base of the statue shape

Step 2: Tear the tissue paper into small pieces as much as needed, then add water and stir until it becomes a paste, add adhesive/glue paper until it covers the paper paste, then give flour as much as 1/3 of the pasta dough, 3 for the paper paste dough, and 1 for the flour. Stir evenly. 

For more details see the steps on how to create

Step 3: A small pre-prepared bowl that serves as a basic form you can apply adhesive on the outside and inside to glue sheets of tissue paper.

Step 4: After you finish attaching the sheet of paper, you can paste the tissue pulp with the shape of a duck, after which you can give color to the statue with food coloring.

Sculptures from your paper are finished, paper sculptures are not limited to making sculptures only, you can make some other better and beautiful crafts such as garden from paper and so on. Read our previous craft articles which are easy handicrafts that can be sold.

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