How to Make Handicrafts From Paper

How to Make Handicrafts From Paper

Creative: How to Make Handicrafts From Paper (Dolls and Robots) - If you have a hobby of making handicrafts, handicrafts from paper this one you need to try to make it, the material is easy to find for the use of paper here is not limited to using certain paper, you can use paperboard, folding paper, recycled paper, used paper and other types of paper. here I give 2 types of handicrafts from paper that is first make dolls from paper and make rockets from paper.

How to Make a paper doll

This time I will post how to make dolls from paper, beautiful and funny look hand in hand, have a good educational value for your child will mean friendship.

I have a bit of trouble in making dolls that are prettier than this picture, maybe you have a more interesting idea of how to make cute and unique dolls.

Many blogs talk about how to make dolls but these dolls are quite adorable for children under five years old. Get creative and make the best for your favorite child. but buying beautiful and expensive dolls is not a good alternative for children. Creating and arranging your own dolls will create a creative person for the child.

Well, let's take a look at how to make this simple paper doll.

  • First, you fold like a fan or make a mosquito repellent tray, draw a doll with markers and cut according to the line, remember on the side of the hand do not cut, so it will later make like holding hands.
  • After cutting is finished, paint with markers of good color face shape, shirt, and pants, the picture in such a way as to form 3 dimensions. hehe, funny well. Believe your child must like the ordinary they can not wait to have this doll. Do not worry if ripped we will make it again as in this blog tutorial. Judah khan ??.
  • Tra la! It's a doll for your daughter in an adorable ballerina-style outfit. You can add extra accessories of paper or fabric to the skirt.

hehe funny 

Make your daughter si usually directly in store they like to collect this doll. Unlike your son, they love to throw away and even tear up your work.

Tip: Making this doll is very easy will not take your time. For children over three years may already be able to make their own, well for children under 3 years it is very necessary guidance from you, so the child to color themselves. A very exciting time at the family gathering while accompanying and educating them.

How to Make a Paper Rocket

I like to make with the creative field, make flowers make creations from polymer, it's all very easy to learn if friends want. If all this is done on the basis of a hobby really would be very fun, right. Make friends who like this business opportunity will bring a certain amount of money that is not a little if friends like to get creative in the field of crafts. Now by small children celebrate their birthdays, many people order souvenirs for a wedding or birthday gifts, a new business opportunity instead.

Making souvenirs and crafts so easily buddy can easily search for guidebooks or other tutorials like this blog. hehe.

In the nursery can buddy put an interesting rocket as your child's sleeping companion, rockets and spaceships are a favorite for children, so this time I will make a tutorial on how to make a rocket.

Ok let's just start.

Tools needed:

  • Cutting board knife/blade (or scissors) Stamps (I make my own, but you can use whatever you want, preferably symmetrical) inks or markers, Paper, needles, threads & ropes
  • Cut and print paper 
  • Hang in the kid's room buddy and finished the tutorial on how to make this rocket, how easy khan.
  • Enjoy the work of your own friends, oh well see other tutorials on this blog well.

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