How To Make Handicraft Bracelet Accessories From Hair Rubber

How To Make Handicraft Bracelet Accessories From Hair Rubber

How to make handicrafts from secondhand goods - How to Make Handicrafts Accessories Bracelets From Rubber Hair- Accessories in the form of hand bracelets may be in the store of accessories is common, but what if you make it yourself and wear it then surely you will feel proud of the handicrafts you make yourself, Bracelets from rubber hair can also be made for you to make as a gift for your girlfriend or lover, in addition to having a nice look to look at, this rubber wristband can also make you feel more stylish and fashionable. 

This homemade wristband accessory uses rubber to tie hair in a small size, which girls must already know about this rubber. besides having the main function to tie hair, this cutter can also be used as an accessories tanga. How do I create one? let's take a look at the tutorial and how the following:

Bracelet accessories

How to make a wristband:

If you really want to make it the following materials and equipment you need:

  1. Rubber tie hair small size.
  2. Tongs clothes, can use other tools.
  3. Trinkets of star and ball shapes.
  4. Scissors

  • Step 1, use rubber with only 3 color options so that later the resulting bracelet has a uniform color and use all three colors of rubber in order. Place the first rubber on the tongs of the shirt by forming like the letter X, then insert the other 2 rubbers in order on top of it.

rubber first shape x rubber two added rubber three added

  • Step 2, Once there are 3 rubbers on the shirt clamp, pull the first rubber located at the bottom and insert it into the tongs of the shirt. do this both on the right and left rubber, then add another fourth rubber in the same order as to the 3 rubbers that have been inserted before.

how to insert the bottom rubber into the

  • rubber 1 enter the form of X + 2 rubber + rubber 1 pulled and insert into the clamp shirt (right and left) + (rubber 4) add 1 more rubber with the same color as rubber 1 first time + the bottom rubber is pulled and put in the clamp shirt again + add 1 more rubber, do this continuously until the wristband is formed and elongated.

example of rubber that has been incorporated into the addition of the fourth rubber

  • The rubber band that starts to elongate the rubber band is almost so Step 3, Set the length and short of your wristband that is being used by putting it on your wrist. After that, you can add star or ball shape trinkets if you have any.

Measuring the length of the bracelet Installation of knick-knacks the process of completion of the finished tanga bracelet How cool is not a handmade wristband

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