How To Make Flower Plant Pots From Used Goods As Garden Decoration

How To Make Flower Plant Pots From Used Goods As Garden Decoration

How to Make Flower Plant Pots From Used Goods As Garden Decoration - Handicraft articles this time will discuss flower pots from used goods or used materials, why used materials? actually not necessarily from used materials, but by using used materials then we also take care of the environment by reusing unused goods into something of good value both in price and aesthetics.

Pots of used materials

Adding to the beauty of the terrace, garden or carport does not have to be expensive. You can make use of unused items such as used pipes or bamboo but in this article, we will use paralog pipes. Potted plants from this paralog can be used as a unique display and also give a fresh feel at home and add a beautiful impression. To create it, you can do it yourself or use the services of a handyman. Prepare the necessary tools then follow the instructions as follows.

Tools & Materials needed:

  1. Hacksaw
  2. Large pipe (diameter 10-20cm)
  3. Paralon cover
  4. Paper duct tape
  5. Wire
  6. Coconut Fiber
  7. Custom paint furniture (Duco)
  8. Small hose
  9. Vegetable seeds or flower seedlings

Working Steps:

  1. Cut the pipe along 1m. Cover the pipe wall about 10-15cm long with a hacksaw. Install the cover on both sides of the pipe. Bologna also 2 points at the bottom of the pipe for sewerage. Install the hose at the bottom.
  2. Put the coconut fibers into the pipe then followed by the soil. Plant vegetable seedlings into the soil.
  3. To create the pattern, attach paper duct tape along the pipe, then spray with Duco paint. Wait for it to dry, then remove the duct tape.
  4. For the hanging medium, use wire that has previously been wrapped into the paralog pipe. Good luck!
  5. To do this you can also invite your children to participate together, so as to train the creativity of your child.

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