How to Make Decorative Sleeping Lamp Handicrafts From Yarns and Balloons

How to Make Decorative Sleeping Lamp Handicrafts From Yarns and Balloons

Lanterns: How to Make Handcrafted Bed Lamps From Yarns and Balloons - For those of you who want to hone creativity can try this one handicraft, namely making beautiful and cute lanterns with cartoon animated characters and animals are genetic, the necessary materials are easy to find and the price is not expensive, it can also be for those of you who want to make money by making something from handicrafts, this one work is one example handmade that has business prospects and businesses are very profitable but certainly with small capital. here are the required materials 


  • Balloon
  • Sewing Thread
  • Wood Glue (can use rajawali brand wood glue)
  • Flannel fabric (for decoration)
  • Brush
  • Scissors
  • Used Beverage Plastic Cups
  • Bulb min 5 watts
  • Lamp Stand equipped with cables and power plugs


  • Blow the balloon until it reaches a small/medium size (do not be too big yaaa, later the thread needed more and longer make it)
  • Put the wood glue in a plastic cup and mix it with enough water (do not dilute yaa later dry and the adhesion is less)
  • Once the glue is mixed then use a brush to coat the entire surface of the balloon with glue
  • Start wrapping the thread into the balloon (the coils are random only)
  • After looking a bit thick-coated the entire surface of the thread with glue again and wrap back with the thread, so on until a few repetitions (as desired, it is calculated later if given the inner lamp what light will come out like, the thicker the thread then the dim the light)
  • Then coat the entire surface of the thread in the outermost layer with glue
  • Dry by hanging (do not dry in the sun later balloons can erupt and do not put on the floor because balloons can shrink)
  • After drying make a hole at the bottom of the balloon, remove the balloon inside, cut out the flannel cloth according to the character you want to form, paste it
  • Unite character's thread balloons with their lights and lampstands


  • Balloon 1 piece   
  • Sewing Thread 3 pieces   
  • Wood Glue 1 piece    
  • Flannel Fabric 3 pieces   
  • Bulb 1 piece   
  • Lampstand 1 piece    
  • 2-meter cable   
  • Plugs 1 piece                                         

The selling price of this character lamp in the market is very affordable and very good for your home.

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