How To Make Decorative Room Lamp Handicrafts From Used Plastic Bottles

How To Make Decorative Room Lamp Handicrafts From Used Plastic Bottles

Artwork: How to Make Decorative Lamp Handicrafts Room From Used Plastic Bottles - For all of you who want to decorate the room with beautiful decorative lamps from handicrafts, you can model from the following 2 examples of handicraft artworks that will beautify your room space without having to spend a large cost, and can also be used for handicraft products to sell and make money, here are the steps and how to make it, please follow the manufacturing procedures that I have included, thank you and congratulations on making ......!

MAKING BEAUTIFUL LAMPSHADES FROM USED MATERIALS - By utilizing used items that are around us, we can make them into a beautiful lampshade with ethnic nuances.

Before you start making prepare the tools and materials first.

Tools and materials:

  • knife cutter
  • glue (person glue /shoot glue)
  • bottles of mineral water (which are the same size)
  • the rest of the batik cloth pieces (patchwork)
  • cable
  • Fitting
  • lights

How to make it: Take two empty bottles of mineral water, clean the mineral water bottle, and discard the brand wrap. Cut off the top and bottom of the bottle, both.

Once cut, take the middle part of both bottles and tidy up the pieces. Glue them together with glue until they are really strong, as shown in the image. Once firmly attached, grease the outer surface of the bottle with glue, take a batik cloth (patchwork) and then attach it to the entire outer surface of the bottle, leaving it for a while until the glue is completely dry. Cover the top with the rest of the batik cloth pieces, then tidy up.

After the hood is finished, now just install the lamp and the holder. 

Here's how: Take the plugin the cable, then attach it to the stand, fasten it with a bolt. Take the bulb light, screw it on the fit and then cover with the hood that has been made earlier, tighten it with a small screw. finish. This lamp is suitable to be placed on a table, pasted on the wall, or affixed to ethnic wood pillars, with a slight adjustment of course.

How to Make Lights from Used Bottles -We all know not that the earth is getting more and more polluted? People also began to think about how to create eco-friendly handicrafts aka recycled products. There are a lot of recycled materials that can be used for handicrafts, such as cardboard, newspapers, food plastics, to plastic bottles. Well, plastic bottles can be transformed into beautiful and unique room lights.

Before starting to make creations from plastic bottles, the materials, and tools that we need when making bottle lights are:

  1. Used plastic bottles that have been cleaned (shape according to taste)
  2. Power cord
  3. Small lamp (chili lamp and Quenya)
  4. Cutter
  5. Plastic glue
  6. Spray paint

If we have prepared the tools and materials, the next steps are:

  1. Cut the bottom of the plastic bottle following its shape using a cutter. If the shape is wavy, then just follow the shape.
  2. Hole the bottom center of the plastic bottle that has been cut, for the cable hole. Also, make a hole in the bottle cap.
  3. Glue the bottom of the cut plastic bottle to the lid of the bottle to glue. According to the location with the club at that has been made in the bottle cap 
  4. After the connection is dry and strong, we can color the plastic bottle with spray paint in the packaging of the can (e.g. Pylox brand) or with car oil sprayed with mosquito spray thinly (do not get too thick so that the light of the lamp gives a dim impression)
  5. When the paint is dry, attach the lamp and cable. Glue the lamp cup using glue on the bottle cap to make it stronger
  6. Add some ornaments or ornaments to your taste to beautify this used bottle lamp

How? Pretty easy isn't it? In addition to honing our creativity also contributes to this natural environment. If you are still confused about how to make a recycled bottle lamb can see the tutorial picture below.

In addition to using plastic bottles, you can also replace them with used glass bottles. Oh yes, are you ready to preserve the environment starting from this creative thing? Good luck making recycled bottle light creations!

How easy is not the way to make it

please try

and good luck

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