How to Make Decorative Room Lamp Craft From Used Plastic Glass Material

How to Make Decorative Room Lamp Craft From Used Plastic Glass Material

Handicrafts from used materials - How to Make Decorative Lamp Craft Room From Used Plastic Glass Material - Decorative lamps may some people ignore it, and even do not think to buy or make it, but for most urban people more and more who have a luxury home, room decorative lamps are lights that must be there whether it is in the bedroom, living room or room in another house. In addition to having the function of embellishing the look of the room, decorative lights can also change the atmosphere for the owner and those who see it.

Decorative lamps can be easily found in electrical stores and home appliances stores, but you can also make your own from used goods or materials as well as used plastic cups that are very easy to obtain. Used plastic cups are the main material to make decorative lamps this time so try to clean them before you use them.

How to make this decorative lamp handicraft I dedicated to my friend who yesterday requested a tutorial on how to make decorative lamps from used goods.

Decorative lamp room Materials and equipment:

  1. Used or new plastic cups as many as 50 pieces can be more.
  2. Staples
  3. Tongs 3 pieces
  4. LED lights as many as 50 pieces according to the number of glasses used.
  5. Electric drill to pierce plastic cups or you can use heated nails.

  • Step 1. Once the materials and equipment used are ready, then the first step is to pierce one by one the plastic cups at the bottom with an electric drill.
  • Step 2. Later you will make decorative lights ball shape, for that first make half the ball as much as two pieces so that later half the existing balls two you can unite so that the finished ball will be formed.
  • Start by stapling plastic cups one by one, using a clothes clip to make it easier for you to do so.
  • Step 3. after the plastic cup finishes your staples, insert the LED light into each hole of the plastic cup that has been made.
  • after that you can combine two parts of plastic cup decorative lamps with staples, so you will have a whole ball shape decorative lamp.
  • Step 4. Decorative lamps from your used materials are finished and ready to be lit, beautiful is not it.

This decorative lamp can also be made to decorate the house during the party atmosphere, Christmas or Holidays and certainly will be more unique and festive, you can put it on the table or hanging.

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