Flowers From Plastic Bottles

Flowers From Plastic Bottles

Flowers From Plastic Bottles - Handicrafts For Elementary School Children - Tutorial on how to make handicrafts this time special for elementary school children (SD) can also be for junior high school children, utilizing used goods is endless moreover used goods in the form of plastic bottles of drinking water, well... for this craft, we will make beautiful sunflowers by using a bottle of drinking water gelatin.

If you're curious about his handicrafts this time, this is the end result, how? Beautiful not the flower.

For those of you who want to make it first prepare some materials, here we use 5 materials and equipment that must be easy to find:

  1. Special plastic glue
  2. scissors
  3. white plastic cups
  4. Pencil crayons
  5. color markers

Handicrafts For Elementary School Children Stage 1: plastic glass scissors into 4 parts as shown below, on the mouth of the glass scissors also in order to get a flat surface.

  • Scissors
  • Flowers From Plastic Bottles
  • Handicrafts For Elementary School Children Stage 2: draw flower petals using colored pencils on 4 parts of plastic bottles, then cut them according to the pattern that has been made.
  • Painting
  • Scissors pattern Stage 3: Glue the inside of the plastic flower evenly so that it can later be perfectly attached to the paper, after which attach the plastic bottle flower to the paper that has previously been made sunflower drawing pattern.
  • Glue
  • Paste Stage 4: Then you can give a face pattern by first using a Karon pencil. after that you can color every part of the flower from petals, leaves, faces, to stalks.
  • Handicrafts For Elementary School Children
  • Coloring Stage 5: when you are done coloring you can clarify the pattern of eyes, mouth, and so on by using sepidol color.

The final result of flower handicrafts And this is the end result of handicrafts in the form of flowers from a plastic bottle, easy and simple not to make it, if you have leftover used newspaper material you can use it to make a unique craft in the form of a pencil holder, to make it read: Latest - Crafts From Used Goods: Pencil Holder From Cardboard. Happy creation hopefully can add and improve our skills and creativity.

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