Flannel Artwork - Handicrafts From Unique Flannel Fabric

Flannel Artwork - Handicrafts From Unique Flannel Fabric | How to Make Simple Handicrafts That Are Easy

  • Cut 4 sheets of flannel size 4cm x 4.5cm and 3 sheets flannel size 4.5cm x 5cm. for this size can be enlarged or reduced depending on the need.
  • Fold to 2 
  • Then cut the shape swerving from the middle of the bend to the top to be like the picture below ( use again the imagination good )
  • Well this is if it has been opened folds, cool it does not need a pattern lho, this piece next we call petals
  • Take one small petal, then roll and jail
  • stacked with small petals to two
  • Then next to the third and fourth petals, remain sewn yes perkelopaknya, sewing didini point to bind the petals
  • Then start with large petals
  • do it until all the petals run out, tighten the stitches
  • so deh beautiful roses, can be used for brooches or decorations knick-knack boxes, jars, etc.
Flannel Artwork - Handicrafts From Unique Flannel Fabric

How to make it like this

  1. provide flannel fabric with the desired color, scissors circle shape diameter 6 cm for pie skin and 5 cm for its contents (pink)
  2. unite 2 flannel patterns for the skin by sewn wide (0.5 cm from the edge of the circle) as shown above
  3. sewing jelujur also flannel for its contents
  4. dacron input then pulled the thread jelujurnya and turned off
  5. paste the contents into the center of the skin with glue
  6. Be a variety of pie skins that are ready to be decorated
  7. then pull the thread over the pie skin and turn off the
  8. prepare a variety of accessories for decoration 

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