Crafts From Used Goods

Crafts From Used Goods

Handicrafts - Latest - Handicrafts From Used Goods: Pencil Holder From Cardboard - Huhuhuhu've been a long time nieh not update articles.... because there are so many problems that I have to solve, but this time I will share a tutorial on how to make handicrafts easy simple and simple just by using materials that are easy to find, this craft can be as a school assignment, to be taught to a beloved child or even to decorate his own room.

for those of you who want to make it here is an example of the final work of the craft that we want to make, how good is it?? very good for sure.

Ingredients to make it:

  1. used newspapers to taste.
  2. Used cans, can use any used cans, such as milk cans, etc.
  3. adhesive for paper can use oles glue such as glycol.
  4. glue shoot
  5. Pencil.
  6. Six scissors.
  7. Decorative straps to decorate the top and bottom pencil cases.

Steps on how to make a pencil case from used material:

  1. used newspaper scissors as in the example
  2. Make a roll of paper to taste according to the need to make a pencil case.
  3. to make it put the pencil on the end of the newspaper and roll it, and do not forget to glue the paper, after which the pencil contained in it is removed.
  4. After the number of newspaper rolls is finished, then start to glue the rolls on the can using firing glue, until the whole part of the can is covered.
  5. If it is covered all, then start to cut the part of the newspaper roll that does not stick to the can with scissors.
  6. If it is finished cut, then you can give decorative straps at the top and bottom to give a unique and simple impression.

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