I want to tell you a story

I want to tell you a story

I want you to hear my story, an ordinary story that seems boring. It's about the silliness, the grievances, the unwarranted anxiety, the burden of life, and the happiness that always comes with it. Will you listen? If you're willing, open your eyes and start reading, because it turns out it's a must-read and not listened to. All right, are you ready??? Hmm, I'm honestly confused as to where to start. Should we start with an introduction the first time I go to school? "Introduce me, I'm a  " Hehehe. Like, I want to start with a little difference.

Um, did you ever steal guava in your neighbor's garden until there were only a few seeds left on the tree? Then your neighbor complained to your parents at home? You can guess for yourself. A series of nagging at length and a little tweak may still not be enough for you to accept. Or, when you get caught trying to gouge out a thousand pieces of money in a yellow chicken piggy bank with their chicks on your back? That's ridiculous, isn't it? If you can still laugh when you remember it, then you're "still fine."

Me or maybe even you, ever thought of it as a child. Replying to the mother's anxious gaze with just a clove showing toothless teeth with a hint of brownish stain, we are forgiven. I will hug and ki$$ the top of our heads while advising "tomorrow do not repeat". We nodded and stared at the terrified mother. Mom then smiled, and we replied by smiling more broadly while saying "mom's not mad at me" in the heart.

The shaft of my life seemed to stop when I left. Far undetectable. Even by radar from my favorite light blue straw. Mom and I won't be able to see you any time soon, I won't be able to cook my favorite coconut omelet for a while. I have to be patient until the wait for our meeting to arrive. I have to be a good boy and not be naughty or steal in my neighbor's garden anymore. That's what Dad told me while hugging me tightly. I'm not comfortable this time. His hugs made me a bit difficult to breathe and painful. I still nod over and over again, solidifying the promise in my heart. To mom.

My neighbor's guava tree has come to fruition twice. Twice I've only been able to look at him from the room window sadly. I'm sorry, I promised you I wouldn't say it myself. In fact, there used to be no fruit on the ground if there were me and my friends. The teacher said the school was wasting food was disgusting and sinful. I don't know, adults are confusing sometimes. Wouldn't it be better for us to eat it?

Not much has changed at home, avoid I think over the previous few days quickly filled. I'm not alone, there's a grandmother with me now. Dad's still, as usual, going home in the morning at night. A couple of times I went home a little bit late. I missed dinner. It's okay, maybe I'm busy. I have to understand. I have to be a good boy. I don't want you to be sad and increase the length of time I see us. I miss mom. Always.

Grandma's really attentive to me. It turns out that grandma can also cook my favorite coconut omelet, even better than moms. I'm sorry, Mom, I just want to be honest. Hehehe. The nights before bed, grandma would ask about how my day at school, I learned anything today, my friends anyone, I snacked on anything, even what my mother's name was and what she was like. My grandmother was all right. Then, I'll ask you what about grandma as long as I go to school. Grandma said, just sit around reading the Qur'an. Sometimes accompany miss Ira for home. Grandma never gets tired of asking me the same questions every night. Even now without being asked, I'm used to telling you what I do at school. Grandma will close my evening with the story of the Prophet, the fairy tale, and the legends of our area. Thank you, grandma, I love grandma. But, every day I miss you more and more.

The third time my neighbor's guava tree came to fruition, I came home a little sooner than usual. But I'm not alone. There was a woman who came with him. Beautiful and fragrant. She smiled sweetly at me and grandma, she told my grandmother and ruffled my hair. My feelings started to get bad when he felt like he was trying to get my attention. He asked me a lot of questions and I just didn't want to help me answer a lot of questions. The lady was beautiful and friendly, perhaps also kind. Hey millions, he gave me my favorite film Doraemon doll and a magazine. Where does he know? Father? Granny?. I don't know. But I like it. Thanks.

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